It’s time to have some fun for the family with your youngsters in need of distraction from all the troubles of the world. Welcome to Snakes & Ladders: Paths of Wisdom!

A New Way To Play An Ancient Game

The Snakes & Ladders children’s board game has an ancient heritage.  First invented in India many centuries ago as a way to teach children the value of moral behaviour, then translated and shipped over the England at the height of Empire before spreading around the world.

A simple board game of chance, the roll of the die and your fate is sealed.

Now I bring you “Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom” a new version of this ancient game for all the family.

Paths Of Wisdom Board Game

“Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom” is a family board game that brings you a new dimension in this moral educational game, to teach children the value of making choices to take different, better paths in life.

Do you take the quick shortcut up the ladder or the longer Path Of Wisdom to avoid the snakes waiting for you?

Like any choice in life it’s a case of risk and judgement versus the rewards.  Whether it’s taking a chance on a lottery or taking a year out in studies to gain new skills we all face these choices in our lives every day.  Teach your children the value of the wisest path with “Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom”.

The Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom board game is included in The Little Book Of Happiness, all you have to do is add your own die, playing tokens and children and enjoy yourselves.

Paths of Wisdom is included inside The Book of Happiness to give your family a break from the world outside.